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Jan 5, 2009

Counter-Strike Ultimate Guide

How important is it to know your weapons in Counter-Strike? Very.
If you're a regular in the CS scene then you'll know that a game of CS can come up with many different scenarios and situations that you need to deal with pretty rapidly. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of weaponry that appear in CS will keep you on level playing terms with your opponent, if not better.

The following is a guide to each weapon in the game as well as a little info about the pros and cons of each. It's written purely by my experience (vast, honest!), so if you are expecting scientific terms and research, this won't be it. However, if you're looking for advice on choosing a weapon this is the place to get some.

» Pistols
» Shotguns
» Sub-machine guns
» Assault rifles
» Sniper rifles
» Machine guns
» Grenades

If you're an experienced player then you'll no doubt have your own opinion and may disagree with some of what appears below (surely not it all!), but if you're new to the game then read on and when you start your next game of CS you'll be a new man. Well...not really, but it might help!

Melee & Pistols


Obviously, the knife is never a serious option to go into battle with. But nevertheless, it can come in handy when you least expect it...right in the heat of battle. If you and your opponent get into some close quarters battle (and you both need aiming lessons), you may occasionally find that both your primary gun and your pistol clips emtpy, leaving you two options...reload or knife!

Reloading can often be very time consuming in those situations and it can often pay off to whip out the knife and slash away. Do, however, make sure that you are in range because if not your opponent will just keep backing off whilst he reloads, game over.

USP .45

This is the pistol that the CTs start the round with automatically, and it's widely regarded as the best pistol available, even above the Desert Eagle in some people's eyes (mine included). This is a pretty accurate gun on the whole, and can also pack a punch when you aim it well. One or two shots to the head and your opponent won't have much of a chance. The secondary function for this gun is a silencer which can come in very handy.

If you start the game as CT I'd recommend keeping this gun, buying more ammo for it and buying a kevlar vest...that should stnad you in good stead for the all important first round.


This is the default T pistol for the Terrorists, and they could do worse than ditch it for a USP or a Desert Eagle. This is what puts the Ts at a bit of a disadvantage at the start of a match. It's a pretty weak gun and although it does have a big clip (20) for you to play with, it just won't cut it in a pistol fight generally. Secondary fire for the glock is semi-auto mode, which fires 3 bullets at once.

My advice (yes, again) if you spawn with this pistol would be to ditch it and buy a Desert Eagle or a USP .45 and some ammo...if your CT opponents are decent players, you won't have a chance against their usp and armor with that Glock of yours.

Desert Eagle

The most powerful pistol in the game, this gun is normally the option that most people who buy a pistol in the first round go for (to replace the Glock18?). It's the only pistol that is able to penetrate walls, crates, doors and the like. It also has pretty good accuracy, the only downfall being the 7 bullet clip, which doesn't last long at all. Hand Cannon, to sum it up.

With good accuracy this gun should get you far, but if you can't aim then 7 bullets won't last long and it'll take what seems an eternity to reload. A good alternative to a cheap sub-machine gun in the later rounds, if you're saving money for a rifle.

Sig P228

This is the least used pistol in the game, but probably only because players would rather buy a DE, or stick with their default gun. It's quite a powerful gun, and along with the 13 bullet clip, it can be put to very good use in the right hands. If your opponent is using a DE and reach a point where they need to reload, that's when you have a great opportunity to come out on top in the duel...6 bullets more than him and not exactly with a pea-shooter either.

Pretty decent accuracy, but then again, none of the pistols are too bad in that department...oh wait, spoke too soon.

Dual Beretta Elites

These are by far the most innacurate pistols available and I can't really justify spending $1000 on them. Each gun holds 15 bullets in the clip, meaning 30 total which is handy, but I guess you'll need it when these guns are as weak as they are. It'll take a good few shots to take out your opponent, unless you're lucky/good and land headshots.

But still, it's nice running about with akimbo pistols so I recommend trying them at least once! They look cool and it feels good, until you get involved in a battle, then you'll remember why you always buy USP/DE. Terrorist Only.

Five Seven

Another decent pistol for the CTs, this time in the shape of the 20 round clip of the 5-7. It isn't as strong as some pistols but it's not weak either, and in terms of accuracy it's very good.

CT only, and again an under-used pistol, I suspect because of the better alternatives. Since it was added into the game I've seen mixed responses about this gun, but in my opinion it's a decent sidearm. You could do worse than buy one of these when you are sniping...the 20 bullet clip will buy you some time to back off and get in a better sniping position if any enemies are attacking.


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