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Feb 23, 2009

Sony starts shipping to Latin America

Now anyone in 13 Latin America countries can purchase a PS3.
Today, Mark Stanley, SCEA's Director and General Manager for Latin America, announced the arrival of the PlayStation brand in 13 Latin American countries.

This means if you live in a Latin American country you might want to run to your local game shop or any place that sells electronics to see if there all three Sony consoles, accessories, peripherals, and game are available for purchase.

Mark Stanley in his excitement of this event had this to say:

This is such an exciting opportunity and we’re looking forward to providing social entertainment and gaming experiences you can share among your friends and family around the world. This expansion is the direct result of feedback we received from you and we’re proud to deliver PlayStation products and services to enable you to easily connect, play and communicate with one another.

As a native of Costa Rica with many years working directly in the region, I know Latin America holds much promise of growth for SCEA. Muchas gracias to all of you in Latin America and around the world for your support!

As VGChartz Corporate Relations Manger, I would like to congratulate Sony in this expansion into the Latin Markets.I would also like to announce today on the behalf of Brett and the VGChartz Team that with Sony's expansion into new markets VGChartz will follow providing our tracking services. While the Latin American markets won't be the easiest to track sales data we look forward to this challenge.


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