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Sep 15, 2009

Batman Arkham: Griple Problem Solved

I Was Facing Griple Problem In Batman Arkham And I Tried Lot Of Patches + New Installation But Nothing Happened.

Then I Tried Something New And Its Done.

1) When You Get Bet Claw And Go To Exit To Bat Cave Through
Ventilator. Its Asking You To Aim (right Click) And Press Left
Mouse Button To Throw Bat Claw. Just Aim And Release Right
Click Button And Don't Try To Use Mouse Left Button To Throw
Bat Claw. Just Press "c" (quick Bat Claw)

2) It Will Graple The Target Then Press Space Continuously. After
It Removed.

3) The Option "f" Appear There. Press "f" And Go Through It.

So Its Very Simple And After This Don't Try To Griple By Using Left Mouse Button But Just Press "c" To Open The Ventilator / Wrenched Window Or Whatever You Called.

I Am Playing Game Without Any Problem Until Now.

Note: Don't Know If This Trick Work On Batman From D2drive. But Give It A Try.


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