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Oct 9, 2009

Play all your favourite games in 3 Dimensions using iZ3D and 3d glasses


Welcome to the tour of the 3rd Dimension

3D gaming is the new wave in the PC world today. Just like the crazy 3D movies you see in the theaters, iZ3D can bring you the same experience to your favourite PC games. Not only in-browser 3d games but also ALL real games from EA and Activision,…

Upgrade your PC to the next generation in home entertainment. Be a part of the fastest growing trend since color Television, and join the thousands of gamers already experiencing the 3rd dimension.

First, read what others have to say.

My friend let me play on his computer and put the glasses on me and I was shocked! THREE Dimensional GAMING!!!

Absolutely amazing experience to play in 3D, easy to set up. Great support from the manufacturer, stylish glasses

iZ3D Driver (“Driver”) is a software to set up 3D rendering pipelines to generate two views - left and right - and present them in different 3D output forms using the power of modern graphics cards. There are lots of different ways to generate a 3D effect with two
views, and here is the list of outputs, supported by the Driver:
- iZ3D back and front;
- Anaglyph(black-white,red-cyan,yellow-blue);
- Dual Projection or HMD;
- Side-By-Side;
- Simple Shutter;
- S3D Shutter; 1
- StereoMirror 3D;
- VR920;
- 3D DLP;
- Interlaced

Some screens of COD4 (my favorite game)in 3d use 3d glasses to view!!!:


 red cyan 3d glasses


yellow blue 3d glasses

Step 1: installing

download the file

Run the exe-file in the rar-archive. Default installation is recommended.
After installation is finished, the setup ending menu will appear, that will allow users to set driver mode. I use "ENABLE STEREO" ,"anaglyph" and the colour of your 3dglasses.

3d glasses

After installation is complete the Driver icon will appear in the tray area (if user did not unchecked
the “Run Control Center” checkbox in the setup ending menu), which will show Driver status.
Driver can be enabled / disabled through this icon.

3d glasses iZ3D

Step 2:configuration and control center

The Control Center requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. to be installed on user’s computer, and
will prompt with a request to download and install the .NET Framework if it is not already
installed. To launch the Control Center, use the shortcut placed in your start menu by the Driver
installer. There are eight sections in the iZ3D Control Center4 (DirectX, Profiles,
Exceptions, Update, Settings, Help, About).
DirectX section
The DirectX section allows you to manage the iZ3D driver injection and output type (and for some
types a special mode) by selecting the corresponding radio button and clicking Apply.

3d Directx

Profiles section
Each game has its own record in profile to define convergence and separation levels, specific shader processing, keys values etc.
To make profile operation simple6, the Driver has a Profile section (to learn more about how Profile feature works see the Profile subsection in the Additional features
section of this description).
IZ3D driver creates new profiles automatically every time when a driver settings are adjusted inside
the program. User can create new profiles for each game or edit old ones manually – all data is stored in the UserProfile configuration. User can select the way to toggle stereo, Convergence and separation, and presets. Each profile has its own name and is associated with the games .exe file.
"Show on-screen messages" option allows user to see separation and convergense numbers when they are changing, it is set to "on" by default.
"Disable mouse lock" option is created to prevent mouse cursor getting off the main screen, witch may cause inconvenience in some games. Note, that to set this parameter “on” user should be in a
specific game profile, otherwise checkbox will not be active.
"Force VSync OFF" option, when checked, prevents games from enabling Vertical synchronization, that could be inconvenient with our driver.

"Show wizard" option, when enabled, will automatically run iZ3D Wizard (to learn more about
iZ3D Wizard see the iZ3D Wizard chapter of this description) in each new game, this option is set
to "on" by default.

selecting the game you want to play will result in better performing:

iZ3D configure

-The Autofocus subsection, allows the user to calibrate the autofocus operation factors, such as Width, Height, Speed and position of the autofocus working area on the screen. “Maximum shift” row is created to set a limit to autofocus, so it wont set convergense too high. For example setting it
to 0.2 will forbid autofocus to setting convergence higher, than 0.2000 and lower that -0.2000.To find out more about Autofocus see the “Autofocus” part of the description.( you can focus in game by pressing "shift" and "+" or "-".

-Exceptions section
The Exceptions section allows the user to make a list of programs that will not interact with the
Driver. For instance; you may want to add windows media player to the exceptions list, so you can
watch your videos with glasses on without seeing your desktop.
To add a program to the exceptions list, press “Browse”, open the program folder, and choose its
.exe file. Then just name it in the bar below, and press “Add” and “Apply”.

3d glasses

- Swap L&R" option swaps left and right screens in games (can be done in the game with Ctrl+F8 hotkey).
-Your maximum frame rate might drop so get it back to a good level, change the resolution or change the level of detail.
-If it doesn't work, update your DirectX
-to solve unaswerd questions download the manual(below)
-To take screenshots you can use printscreen and paste it later on in paint or other image editor. As pecial 3dscreenshot (jps=jpegstereo)will be automatically stored in:
My docs\My images\iZ3D Driver Screenshots

Extrafeature: IZ3D Stereo Wallpaper: guess wath: a wallpaper in 3d using the screenshots (see notes) download the manual

MANUAL for extra information and extra feature + few jps and a screen:


Step3: 3D-Glasses

Get your 3d-glasses in your local movie theatre or make them yourself:


  1. useless...
    just get quad core such as intel i7 and good graphics such as nvidia gefoce 9800 gt or geforce gtx 295

  2. I think you didn't get what's the purpose of this software... It's not the normal 3D of video games... It's the 3D like the one you see in the cinema... And I don't think you can do the same thing with the quad core and the graphic card...

  3. It is not useless, you didn't even read what guy wrote.He gave you entire manual on silver plattern,what else you need? You need to buy glasses for yourself.