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Nov 15, 2009

Dragon Age Origins trainer

Dragon Age Origins +2 trainer
Trainer Options:

Ctrl + F1 - Unlimited Health for the selected Party member [ON/OFF]
Ctrl + F2 - Unlimited Stamina/Mana for the selected Party member [ON/OFF]

Download trainer


  1. And here is a way to get gold if you download cheat engine if you dont have it already....
    First go to processes and open daorgins.exe

    then somthing probably will pop up and say you dont have a cd in just hit click cancel like 4 times i believe it was.

    type in the amount of money you have in cheat engine.

    ( say you have 5 gold 30 silver and 20 copper so so you would type in 53020......)

    then go back to dragon age orgins game and go to a shop and sell somthing anything.

    say you sell somthing for 10 copper.

    so you go back to cheat engine there should be 3 hex values here instead of saying 53020 now one will say 53030 well just change the gold amount to whatever you want dont go over 9999999 or game will crash (the 5 Represents your gold)

    and to change the number you need to add the address manually After you are done typing in the address

    right click on it and go to change record then to Value.

    and press your inventory button like 4 times should have changed if you did it right
    (make sure game is running when u try this or will not work.)

  2. cheat engine seems a bit complicated...any trainers floating around yet were you can add/edit your money?

  3. Theres only this one and the other is you have to pay to get.

    As for this one theres a few bug on them (Not virus) It will crash you from time to time and if you have the hp on. Sometimes it will recover your enemy.

  4. yea, sorry but that trainer is BS. I tried it out and it keeps refilling the health of the monsters. It will also only give unlimited health/stamina/mana to the person I'm currently controlling

  5. THX.... 4 trainer....
    any way i still use CE from ver 5.3

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