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Jun 9, 2010

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Left 4 Dead 2

The new mutation for Left 4 Dead 2 has arrived! This week, the developers invite you to discover the "Chainsaw Massacre" Survivors have a simple chainsaw with an unlimited supply of fuel to get rid of the Infected. This transformation is available in the Campaign mode.
This result has been put into perspective with the percentage of games played on each campaign last week. If players XBox 360 are consistent, Dark Carnival season was the most played with 27% parts, PC gamers have them more often vented on Dead Center (26%), Dark Carnival arriving only a second with 21% . However, we must draw any hasty conclusions, here it is just a beautiful example of "inaccuracy" of this type of surveys: those who responded were simply not be representative of the community .
The new question this week is this: if you were to remove an object Survivors Versus mode, which would it be?
inally, the three favorite videos of developers following week "Last Man On Earth" have been revealed. As a reminder, the team of Left 4 Dead 2players invited to post a video of the 60 best seconds of survival in this game mode relatively oppressive.


  1. it's the perfect time to success consists in a tank battle with only melee weapons, or successes are disabled with the mode mutation?

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