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Oct 19, 2013

Gaming Laptop: Good computing power for gamers

Anyone who considers himself to be the computer players or gamers who no longer uses long alone on the PC. Besides this also notebooks have become established as a useful and powerful game devices. Although desktop PCs are still those devices that can provide the greatest performance, but under certain conditions, a notebook at least provide a comparable computing power available.

The laptops have the advantage that they can be mobile, and the player may participate as for example at LAN parties. In such cases, you may actually be very expensive to have to ship a PC including the monitor. 

The gaming notebooks, however, can be easily in a pocket or carry in a backpack and are ready for use at any location. In general, however, the gaming notebooks are among the most expensive notebook models at all, which is mainly due to the high price of the graphics card. For example, costs the ASUS G74SX-91266V with a Geforce GTX 560 1,900 euros (as of November 2011). 

When selecting a corresponding notebooks a number of factors must be considered. Since the gaming notebook not only can replace the PC, but also its monitor to a model should be chosen that has a large enough monitor. Larger laptops have games usually have screen sizes of 17 inches and are thus among the most notebooks on the market. In some cases, the manufacturers also offer larger screens, but the cost of these devices are much higher. 

When choosing the right laptop screen should also be taken to ensure that this does not reflect too much. If the notebook is used in a place with sunlight, it may happen that the reflections are performed on the specular surface disturbing. With a non-reflective display, the MSI GT780DXR-i7810BLW7H is equipped, for example, which is offered at a price of about 1,500 euros (as of November 2011). Especially important in the selection of games are certainly the device internal power values. Thus, in modern gaming notebooks usually quad-core processors are used, which have sufficient computing power to represent even the most demanding games can. 

So a Core i7-2630QM is used as the Acer Aspire 7750G-2634G50Bnkk equipped with four cores with a clock speed of 2 GHz. This computing power such notebooks are already comparable to high-end PCs. In these models, however, should be taken to ensure that a much more elaborate cooling is necessary, as this is the case for normal office notebooks. The user therefore must assume a significant fan noise during operation of the notebook.


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