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Dec 28, 2008

Simplest, most awsomest mod ever xbox controller to pc

In terms of how simple this mod is and the benefits you get out of it, this mod is really great.

What you'll be able to do when your done:
use an regular xbox controller on your pc (compatible with all windows, yes vista too)

What you need:
the XBCD driver, google it
regular usb cable that fits into your computer
xbox controller
xbox connector piece thingy
electrical tape
solder (recommended/not required)

What you do:
1. install XBCD
2. take your USB cable and cut off the end about 2-3 inches up from the side that connects to the computer
3. stripe all four wires in the USB, there should be black, red, white, and green.
4. take your lil xbox connector piece thingy and cut off end that goes into your xbox
5. you will find the same colors wires that you found in the USB cable
6. twisty up the wires together from the xbox connector and the USB cable
7. once your done, you may want to solder the wires to each other for a more solid connection. if you don't have a solder, its ok, just use electrical tape for each individual wire.
8. cover the whole thing up with tape so it looks all sexy and test it out!

If you did it correctly, windows will recognize the new device and will ask you if you want to install XBCD drivers. You'll be able to use your xbox controller like any other PC gamepad! works perfectly!

If it doesn't work, your computer may short circuit and turn off but just unplug the power cord and turn the switch on the power supply off then on and recheck your cable before trying again.

Bonus stuff i firgured out:
if you download the program, JoyToKey, you'll be able to use your controller as a mouse and also be able to set up shortcuts on your controller.

My controller layout:
left analog stick: mouse speed 65
back: delete
start: enter
dpad-left: ctrl+c (copy)
dpad-right: ctrl+v (paste)
dpad-up: arrow up
dpad-down: arrow down
analog-left: backspace
analog-right: alt+arrow right
white: alt+f4
a: left click
b: right click
y: middle click
right trigger: mouse speed 25

I now use my xbox controller as a mouse, to play games, browse the web, and much more without even touching the keyboard anymore! easy ish!

well that's all, have fun!


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