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Dec 27, 2008

Wii "Save error" FIXED!

If you burn a wii game (pal) It say "Save (game) Error"?

1. You use Image burn (programm)
2. You Write it at 6x speed or more
3. You use a +R disc
4. Your DvD burner is old.

This is how I'VE fix it:

1. Use or download Nero Startsmart. (nero 6 i think, just typ in "search" *Nero startsmart*
2. Install, open it
3. click left on "Burning rom 6"
4. Click "Open "
5. Click on your Wii iso file (PAL!!)
6. CLICK ON ''DVD CLOSE (or Session Close) And Write = 4x speed !!!
After it's done, It should works!! Please tell me if it's working for you?

Which Cd should i recommand?

I use Verbatim, And platium. They are very good, i recommand them.
Please Use -R disc's, They are most stabel

It's still not working what now?

Please buy a new dvd burner. if it's an old one.

I got a new burner!! and it still not working..!

I recommand the follow Mod chips in your wii:
1. D2C-Key ( i have this one)
2. Wii-key (ORIGINAL!!)
3. Wasabi chip
4. Argon
5. Infectus


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